The ultra-modern​ high-level automatisation of our production line delivers extremely short lead times while our state of the art model making brings an incredibly high precision machining to even the most complex molds and patterns.

Development process

Computerised or traditional data is processed immediately after it reaches the engineering department. Thanks to CAD/CAM software custom developed by our engineers it can then instantly be used by our CNC machines. Most of them are designed and constructed by our engineers to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.


We design and construct our CNC machines in-house and we offer a variety of different technical specifications, among others:

Makino D500, Grob G350

Breton Ultrix 800, Xceeder 900

Mazak Mega Turn 900 and other vertical lathes   

+GF+ Laser P1200U

Nikon Metrology CMM

Grinding machines


Thanks to a unique process, our aluminium foundry enables us to produce castings from one kilo all the way up to one ton with the utmost precision. Our alloy has been specially developed to resist the very severe conditions of tire curing and maintenance.