Products and services

We have developed our own products to help our partners with the frequent issues inherent to the use of conventional mold design. In addition, we offer a palette of services supporting the complex mold and accessory demands with the fastest lead times in the industry.


A full range of molds and accessories for the production of tires, following your drawings in any dimension and type of construction.

Molds for the tire industry

Everything from summer tires to extremely complex winter tires for SUVs

Aluminium Foundry


Side wall plates

High contrast effect

Laser welding

All classical accessories of tire molds such as clamping rings, bead rings and more


In addition to the production of new molds and accessories, we offer services and experience for delivery at very short notice.

Fully integrated process including the drawings according to your specifications

Drawings of your mold’s and their siping’s prototypes

Existing mold modification

Repair or refurbishment of old or damaged molds

Our highly motivated engineering and technical teams with years of experience in precision casting and machining are waiting to assist with your projects.