Mecamold is a leading manufacturer of a variety of custom made complex molds and accessories for tire production based on technical documentation in any dimension and for any type of construction. Rapidly delivered for an agile vulcanisation manufacturing process.

Highly specialised and experienced tire mold manufacturing

High-tech machine and equipment development

Experienced and motivated team

A fully integrated and automated process

Our values

Our highly specialised experience is the foundation for the constantly evolving technique. We strive for the highest quality and precision, and we value and respect the agreements with our partners, to deliver the best and the fastest service possible.


Ultra-modern high level of in-house process automatisation

Complexity experts

Expertise in high complexity molds


On-going research for technical improvements

Short lead times

Industry-leading lead times

Company history

Established as a subdivision in 1965, Mecamold stands as an independent company since 1978, pushing the technical limits with its continuous research and development process and leading the high-quality tire mold manufacturing market.



Group ABEX division

Mecamold’s history starts thirteen years before becoming an independent company as a division of the Group ABEX.




Mecamold spins off into an independent company specialised in mold manufacturing in the tire vulcanisation industry.




Bridgestone integration

Acquired by Bridgestone, Mecamold becomes an integral part of Bridgestone’s tire manufacturing process.




NMI group

Mecamold becomes an independent company again, part of the NMI group.

Our vision

Mecamold’s philosophy in line with its ISO 9001-2000 certification is to bring continuous improvements in everything we do and to make the best products while preserving the environment. A competent, highly motivated and dynamic team is driving us forward.

Continuous care for the quality of our products

Strong worldwide presence

Building a lasting relationship with our partners and the environment