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Our engineering and technical departments perfected an ultra-modern high-level automatisation process that delivers short lead times within a versatile and precise production.


We offer a full range of complex mold and accessory manufacturing solutions for your tire production process, following your drawings in any dimension and in any type of construction.


Thanks to our unique process, our aluminium foundry enables us to produce castings from one kilo all the way up to one ton with the utmost precision.

Ultra-modern​ high-level production line automatisation

Extremely short lead times

About the company

Mecamold is a team of experienced operators and engineers, highly specialised in all aspects of tire molding construction. With years of expertise in precision casting and machining, we are thrilled to tackle the most complex molds, the most demanding constructions and the most versatile patterns. Our highly automatised production assures the highest quality, the finest precision and the fastest lead times for everything from the first master model all the way to the repeats.


Ultra-modern high level of in-house process automatisation

Complexity experts

Expertise in high complexity molds


On-going research for technical improvements

Short lead times

Industry-leading lead times